Card Printer Repair Center

Photo ID Card Printer Repair Center

ID Card Systems performs service and support on IDP, Fargo/HID, Zebra, Datacard, Evolis, Magicard, and Polaroid photo ID card printers.

ID Card Systems, Inc. offers extended service plans PLUS an authorized repair center for all the major card printer brands and models

Let our authorized service technicians create a customized service plan to fit your needs.  Whether you require standard depot repair service, or priority on-site service for your identification printer, our technicians can create a service contract that works for you.  If a service contract is not something that you require, we will still repair and service your units in our nationwide service center.  Information about our service center is below:

ID Card Systems, Inc. can keep your printers running longer with our National Authorized Service & Repair Center

Our technical support engineers can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair your photo ID Card Printer. ID Card Systems' technical support staff can do the following tasks:

What can I expect when contacting ID Card Systems, Inc. for a printer repair?

All repairs begin with a printer diagnostic to determine the course of action that needs to be taken with your printer.  This includes:
If the repair will be more complex and in depth, ID Card Systems will create a repair estimate that will need to be approved by an authorized party on your end before the repairs are carried out.  If a part is needed that is not a standard stocked part, it may require 3-10 days for them to arrive at our repair facility.
The parts will then be installed, adjusted, and configured, which usually is done in 1-2 days, but may take longer depending on the extent of the repairs.

Will ID Card Systems' technicians always be able to fix my printer?

Most card printers that are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty period can be repaired and returned very quickly with some simple adjustments or a kit replacement on certain parts.  For printers outside the warranty period, but still less than 4 years old, the success rate on printer repairs is extremely high. Once the printer starts to get a bit older, in the 4-6 year range, repairs are always attempted, but sometimes cannot be completed because manufacturers discontinue parts or the cost of the repair is cost prohibitive to performing it when compared to the price of a replacement printer.  If ID Card Systems is unable to repair a printer, we may offer you a trade-in allowance towards to purchase of a new printer from our vast selection.

How much will this repair cost me?

Initial diagnostic fee (includes 1 hour of service and testing of the printer to fully diagnose the issue):  $75.00
Additional Labor (after the first hour):  $75.00 per hour
Parts: Quoted as needed
Shipping:  Shipping the printer to the ID Card Systems' repair facility may be done  via any method of your choice.  Please be sure to package the unit securely.  Shipping back to your location will be done via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested and any applicable shipping fees will be included on your all inclusive service invoice

Do you repair all printer brands?  Or just certain ones?

We service all major card printer brands.  This includes IDP, Zebra, Datacard, Fargo, Evolis, and more.  If you are unsure if we can service your particular printer, contact us at 330-963-7446 to verify coverage.


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