Event Credentials, Membership Cards, VIP Passes, and more!


ID Card Systems is a leading supplier of identification products, including Membership Cards, Special Event Cards, VIP Cards, and much more.  We can provide your group or organization with the tools to create your own customized cards, or we can print the cards for you as a service.  

ID Card Systems not only provides professional quality specialty cards, which can alleviate the process of manually checking credentials, but it can be combined with technology like a bar code, magnetic stripe, etc. to create a powerful data collection tool. Knowing where your members are in your facility, which booths are visited at a trade show, or getting a notification of when a VIP arrives at your building are just a few of the many possibilities available with our systems.

Membership Cards

Give your company or organization a professional look and feel with customized Membership Cards. From gym memberships and country club memberships to retail frequent shopper cards, ID card systems can provide what you need at a competetive price.

Special Event Passes

Are you an event planner, trade show organization, or other group in need of passes for special events and gatherings? Our Event Cards are versatile enough to be used at any meeting, event, or special gathering. From trade show attendee information swipe cards, to backstage concert passes, to class reunion nametags, our ID experts can customize a solution for you.

VIP Cards

Giving a VIP Card to groups of people that receive special priviledges or permissions is a good way to build brand loyalty, provide something tangible for quick recognition, and give a sense a pride to the receiver of the card. Buying a season ticket package to a professional sports team usually allows the package holder certain benefits. This can result in a tedious process to check the validity of VIP status by staff members. 


ID Card Systems can provide a wide assortment of accessories to display or enhance your event credentials. We carry many styles and colors of card holders, badge lanyards, retractable reels, clips, pins, and magnets. If there is a type of accessory you're looking for and cannot find it on our site, please contact one of our ID Experts at 800-763-9099 and we will be glad to assist you.


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