IDP Smart 70SL – Single Sided – IPLS – 651159 + 651156 + 651157

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IDP Smart 70SL Card Printer

The IDP Smart 70SL Card Printer features a 500 card input card hopper, laminator, and a 100 card exit box.

Smart-70 Series, the large capacity card printer from IDP is ideally suited to users who have large capacity needs, or end0users who would like to secure their credential media in the securely locked printer.

The Smart-70 Series offers a unique modular design that is easily upgraded by the end-user.  Configurations vary from single sided only printing to a fully configured system with dual sided printing, lamination, and a 500 card output hopper.

The easily upgradeable Smart-70 Series printer features a simple, no-tool upgrade strategy that ID Card Systems or corporate IT departments can manage in minutes.

The IDP Smart-70 Series printers offer large capacity ribbons and laminates to save on service time and allow more efficient printing than ever before.  The ribbons and laminates are available in 500-print rolls to match the capacity of the input hopper and optional output hopper.

Each station (printer, laminator, encoder, flipper, hopper) connects with an alignment plate.  Each station has its own power supply and communication cables are provided to connect each station and synchronize their operation.

Input Hopper:  500 cards
Durability:  Metal frame and shaft
Output Hopper:  100 card standard, or 500 card optional (standard in some models)
Card Feed Mechanism:  A hook and pulley system is featured, ensuring accurate card feeding every time
Scratch-free design:  The printer is designed to disperse the weight of the cards with a unique feeding hopper, designed to keep the bulk of the stacker weight off of the bottom cards, thus freeing it from scratches upon entry.
Locks:  Both physical locks and Kensington locks are available

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