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VALCam Zoom Only is compatible with all major photo ID software packages. Connect the hardware, run the auto setup program and you are ready to go. Full control of zoom and brightness is immediately available from the user interface via mouse or keyboard.

VALCam Zoom Only makes it easy to take perfect image captures in any environment, even in very dark rooms! Simply hit the capture button and the camera will auto adjust, the auto light will go on, and a high-resolution image with perfect skin tones will be obtained. All light hardware, mounting brackets and control cables are included.

A VALCam software developer kit (SDK) is available to allow software developers to integrate VALCam Zoom Only into their applications. Zoom, focus, iris, gain and color temperature can all be controlled through the user interface. When properly integrated with the provided auto light, VALCam Zoom Only provides video captures of the highest possible quality, even in the most adverse conditions.

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