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Dye-sublimation ribbons are used in the world’s Photo ID Card Printers to create Photo ID’s, Employee ID Badges, Access Control Badges, and Government Credentials. After the printing process, the dye-sublimation ribbon’s waste contains the images of what was printed on the card – similar to a photographic negative.  Names, employee ID numbers, account numbers, and much more are left on the ribbon for anyone to see and potentially use to create a counterfeit ID.

The SMART-BIT® is designed to destroy that vital personal information left on the ribbon.  Using IDP’s patented twisted Micro-Cut Technology the unit will shred the ribbon into tiny (~2mm) bits of debris that are virtually impossible to accurately re-construct.

The SMART-BIT® was designed to accommodate any dye-sublimation ribbon from the popular printer brands in the market today.  Ribbons from 60mm to 120mm can easily fit into the units holding tray for quick and reliable destruction.  The unit catches the ribbon debris in an easy to load and discard waste bag.


  • Manufacturer and item#: IDP 651577
  • Shredable Ribbon Type: Dye-Sublimation Ribbon, Resin & Wax Ribbon
  • Shredable Ribbon Width: 60mm to 90mm (Installable Ribbon Core : Max. 120mm)
  • Shredding Speed: Max. 12 meters/minute
  • Shredder Bin Capacity: 6 Rolls (YMCKO, 250 cards/roll)
  • Shredded Particle Size: 2.5mm
  • Shredder Speed Controls: Speed (Normal or Fast mode), Stop, Reverse, Auto Stop – Finished Shredding, Auto Stop – Ribbon Jam
  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 232 x 364.6 x 386 mm / 9.1 x 14.4 x 15.2 inch
  • Weight: 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs

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Weight 11.00 lbs
Dimensions 9.1 × 14.4 × 15.2 in
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